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Welcome to Troop 89's Transitional Website!

Posted on October 7th 2018 by Brian Schubert.

Welcome scouts, parents, and members of the Medfield community!

Troop 89's website is currently being updated to provide a more rich platform for communicating with the Medfield community.

Over the course of this upcoming year, our website will be evolving dramatically to include many long-desired features. For details on the current state of our website, please read further. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our website, please do not hesitate to reach out to our webmaster.

Youth Protection Training

Adults who assist with any Troop activities need to take the on-line BSA training for Youth Protection.

This is required to be taken and needs to be updated annually. There are several adults whose Youth Protection training will expire before September 30th. Go to to take the training. It will take about an hour to complete the training. And, yes, there’s a test at the end. You need to score a 75 to pass

A Word on the State of this Website

The Troop 89 website is actively being designed and constructed by youth members of Troop 89. Every feature, from our public calendar to our internal mailing lists, was developed by a Troop 89 scout.

Currently, our website is running with only a small subset of the features that have been developed for it. Writing scalable applications is not an easy task, especially when they require extensive database interaction with minimal server resources. To ensure that no significant errors make their way to production, every feature being developed for our website first undergoes an lengthy period of internal testing on a separate server. This gradual development process has the unfortunate effect of hiding progress from the public eye for elongated periods of time.

For the moment, our public facing website is intentionally left feature barren while the core components of our website are being developed in the background. While we have high hopes for making this website a powerful tool in the near future, it is likely these ambitions will not be realized until 2019. The fall is a busy time for our High School members, who are responsible for all the progress on ur website. As such, it is to be expected that our website will remain in a similar state for the next few months. Come early 2019, however, a significant amount of time will be dedicated to releasing the remaining features promised for our website.

To Scouts interested in Web Development

In the near future, the time will come when this website will be entrusted to the care of a new youth Webmaster.

In the spring, our current Webmaster will be giving a series of presentations to our troop on how to contribute to our website. If you think that you will be interested in helping out with the design and maintenance of our website, it is highly recommended that you get a taste of web technologies before these talks.

What follows is a terse summary of the technologies that our website is being built on, along with comments on the relative desirability of familiarity with each of them.

If you already have some familiarity with a few of the above noted technologies and would like to get copy of our website's source and infrastructure documentation before the spring, you may reach out to our webmaster over email to begin making arrangements.