The Troop 89 Website Site is still Under Maintenance!

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What's Going On?

Over the past few months I have acquired a very reasonable understanding of a handful of relevant web development languages. As of August 22nd, I have received the green light from our local committee to transfer the troop's website to a new host. With this, I will be rewriting the entire site by hand.

Why is this Happening?

Our previous website had been created in the late 1990's. Its maintenance was entrusted to webmaster after webmaster, each receiving less training on how the site actually functions than the last. When I took over, I wasn't shown the core languages that where manipulating the site, but rather simply told to update "xyz" array each week and copy-paste the "dates" document onto the homepage. This was far from the exciting development position I was expecting, but none the less I went forward with what I was told to do.

Come May of this past year, I finally decided to take a peak through the site's source files. As I browsed through its layers of directories, discovered that the site was left running on now deprecated tags utilizing very old methods; hence many of the inner functionalities of the old site - such a searching for documents and trip information - were no longer functional. Repairing the existing elements would be far more work than simply writing them from scratch. So that's what I set out to do.

Is this it?

Not in the least. The page you are reading now is only a temporary index to display the information of the previous homepage. The new website itself - which, for the sake of convenience I will refer to as the beta site - is being constructed on a private Apache server I am hosting in Medfield. When the full site goes live, it will be rich in new functionalities and resources. Current plans include document searching, trip summaries, dynamic news feed and much more!

When Will the Site be Open to the Public?

I honestly cannot say. As of this posting I've readied only a handful of pages for public consumption. The β site will include database queries and user generated content, opening up a broad spectrum of new security risks. I am quite aware of what threats are out there and have addressed the accordingly, however ensuring that every user input cannot be used in any malicious manor still consumes valuable development time. With current progress, I expect to have a skeleton of the β site up for public consumption within the next few months. Several core functionalities of the site should be up and running by Spring of 2017.

How can i get in on the development process?

I am always open to suggestions, however I will stress that this is a scout project and it will remain that way. All question, suggestions, and requests may be directed at the webmaster email, found under the "Contacts" header to this right of the section.

Fall Update


Regretfully, the Troop 89 website has seen few visible updates over the past few months. I hope to now provide some clarification as to why so little apparent progress has been made.

Wait, what's going on?

This notice expands upon information previously provided regarding the reformation of the website of the Boy Scouts of America's ® Troop 89. The original notice from late fall of 2016 remains attached to this document and may be viewed via the button found near the bottom of the page.

Why does the site look the same?

The objective in creating a new website for the Troop was, and still is, to create a robust and easy to manage resource that our troop might use for years to come in order to increase communication between our Scout leaders and our members. To this end, I have spent considerable time over these past few months composing the software and interfaces that that will make this goal an actuality. The temporary page you are now visiting, however, requires manual updates, much like the old website; maintaining this page proved to be a repetitive yet time consuming task. Thus, with studies and commitments outside of the troop limiting development time, I choose to focus my efforts on more permanent components of the website -- items not visible to the public eye. In turn, neither updates nor alternations nor feedback founds it way back to a public portal -- that is, until now.

If not here, where is progress being made?

When will the site be made open to the public?

Development moves on slowly but steadily. With current progress, I intend to have a bare-bones version of the final site open for public consumption by this coming New Year.

How can I get in on the development process

Feedback is always welcome! All question, suggestions, and requests may be directed to the webmaster; their email address may be found under the "Contacts" header to this right of the section.

Current Progress

(P = Pending, A = Active Project, C = Complete)
Please note: The list below is not a comprehensive summary of all plans for the website. Status marks may not represent current degrees of completion.
Status Item Comment
A Philmont Media Collection Media, pictures, videos and the like from the Troop's 2017 Philmont Expedition are currently being collected. If you have media from the expedition you would like to share, please either upload it to the FTP server of contact the webmaster via the link provided under the "Contacts" header.
C Secure Traffic All traffic to and from the Troop 89 Website is encrypted over a HTTPS connection
P Mailing Lists and Email Redirection Work on mail handling has been temporarily put on hold in favor of pushing the main site into production.
P Dynamic News Feed Front page news feed featuring recently uploaded documents, upcoming trips, announcements from Troop leadership, etc.
P Calendar Generated calender displaying upcoming trips, meetings, activity nights, Courts of Honor, service projects and much more!
P Trip Signups Trip Signups featuring a clean user interface. Trip pages generated on the site will include a summary of the current weather forecast for the time of the trip
P Meeting Attendance Easy way for Scout leaders to keep track of member attendance at weekly meetings
P Media Repositories Searchable repository to locate past newsletters, health forms, and handouts.
P Info Pages Robust system allowing scout leaders to generate their own webpages.
P Access Scout will be able to access their advancement records via a secured portal hosted on the Troop's website.
A Updating Maintenance Page Providing feedback to the public regarding current progress towards the reformation of the Troop 89 Website.
Technical Items
C HTTPS Redirection TLS certificate has been obtained. Requests are automatically redirected to TLS encrypted protocols.
P HSTS Registration Registration will not occur until the after the entire site is in live production. Once registered, browsers will automatically prevent users from requesting pages over insecure protocols.
A Templating Engine Libraries allowing for automatic sanitation and templating of generated pages are currently being incorporated into site software.
A Finalizing Database Structure Exactly what it sounds like.
A PSR Compliance PHP-FIG Standardation Recommendations are constantly referenced during the developmant process. PSR-1 and PSR-2 are being followed as seen fit. PSR-3, PSR-4 and PSR-7 have been integrated.
C ISO 3103 Compliance Current site functionalities violate no clause specified in ISO standard 3103.
P Integration Full integration is unlikely. Scoutbook has displayed little intent to expose RESTful APIs to third parties. Current plans include iFrame access to scoutbook from the Troop 89 Website over a TLS secured connection.
C PHP 7.1 Migration Updated PHP Engine has been integrated, providing extensive performance boosts across the board.
P HHVM Runtime Migration At current usage rates, the site would experience little benefit from the use of intermediate bytecode paired with a JIT compiler. PHP 7's native Zend Engine provides more than adequate performance despite relying on an interpreter.
C Middleware Framework Migration Backend routing and middleware rewritten, utilizing a new external framework to allow for more rapid development and new features in the near future.
C FTP Server Setup Live FTP server configured and running - now hosting Philmont 2017 Media
C Secure Session Handling Numerous measures have been taken to ensure the integrity of site sessions. Details are withheld for the obvious reasons. Any concerns should be brought up with the webmaster, via the address provided unter the "Contacts" header.